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Youth Driven is a traffic safety and leadership program that is led by the Rhode Island Student Assistance Services (RISAS) and supported by the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT), Office On Highway Safety. Youth Driven is a year round RI high school program and it begins with an educational summer summit. Every high school that attends the summit creates an action plan for the upcoming school year, focused around traffic safety.

Over the course of the 3 day summit, high school students from across Rhode Island learn components of traffic safety with a focus on substance use prevention strategies and safe decision making skills. Students will have the opportunity to develop their innate leadership skills to keep themselves, their schools and their communities safe and strong. School and community teams will create action plans to take back to their schools and communities to implement over the course of the school year.


There are only 100 spots available and every school group is required to have an adult advisor who is 21 years or older attend the summit. Please contact Youth Driven Program Coordinator with any questions. 

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